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America’s first and only ‘energy saving’ insulated stucco. Excellent durability and high crack resistance. Industry leading easy ‘single coat’ application process. Save on time & labor up to 66%

U-STUCCO™ Green Building Materials have helped architects, engineers, designers, contractors, builders and home owners make better, lighter and more sustainable buildings in more than 36 countries worldwide. Build better with U-STUCCO™

What’s U-STUCCO™ ?

U-STUCCO™ is a green, ultra light weight, multi purpose insulated stucco. It’s a hydrophobic, high crack & corrosion resistant, UV reflective, ready-to-use powder mix material.

It can be applied over almost any type of substrate up to 1” thick in one pass. U-STUCCO™ provides fire resistance [2,200 F] thermal insulation [R 2.2 per inch] water proofing and sound insulation [42 dB] to various wall systems and assemblies.

U-STUCCO™ can also help you save time and labor up to 66% compared to traditional stucco products due to it’s light-weight and simple one coat* application process.

It is a Class 1 rated, non-combustible building material therefore it doesn’t burst into flame or emit any toxic gas when exposed to fire.

U-STUCCO™ can also allows your building to breathe and prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

U-STUCCO™ Thermal Resistance - 002
U-STUCCO™ Fire Proofing - 001
U-STUCCO™ Acoustic Insulation
U-Stucco Video
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